Our Approach

Our therapy is specifically designed to fit the needs of each individual client. We have learned that the most successful approach to helping compulsive gambling is to treat this as a mental problem. Having 27 hours of individual therapy per 10 day treatment allows the client to quickly understand themselves and the underlying problem that causes this uncontrolled behavior. Our unique 10 day programs allows for the client to only have the treatment that he needs, for information call 877-559-9355 . To learn more click Here

Our Facility

Come here and leave gambling behind. You won't find a cold, clinical setting here. Nestled on 400 acres of beautiful Virginia countryside, Williamsville Wellness provides a tranquil sanctuary for recovering from Pathological Gambling. We believe that the true path to healing begins in a place where you feel safe, secure, and relaxed. That's why our home is designed to make you feel at home. Tour our facility by clicking Here

Our Staff

We are the nation’s leader in compulsive gambling treatment. We understand because we have been there. Many of the doctors at Williamsville Wellness are in recovery and understand gambling addiction intimately. We have 16 therapists for a maximum of 16 clients at a time. Meet our staff by clicking here