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Gambling Addiction

Four Hundred Acres of Serenity in Hanover Virginia

We offer a tranquil space to reflect on the damage created by problem gambling. It provides a safe space for honest self-examination. This environment, coupled with our holistic approach to treatment and life, encourages and supports change. Treatment for gambling addiction is not one size fits all; this is why we focus on the individual needs of our patients. Our patients have a minimum of 20 one to one sessions per week. This enables the individual to quickly recognize the impact that gambling addiction has had on their life while also empowering them to start the process of rebuilding.
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Gambling Addiction Help

Flexible Gambling Treatment Programs

Our world class residential addiction treatment programs provide a solid foundation of knowledge to break the bonds of addiction and enjoy lasting recovery.
21 Days
  • Problem Severity Assessment
  • In-depth examination of Gambling History & Triggers to gain insight and ensure success
  • Mental Health Screening & Psychological Testing to explore co-occurring mental health issues
  • Designed for medical management issues
  • Accurate Diagnosis of Mental Health Issues
  • Individualized Recovery and Aftercare Planning, with time to put plan in place before leaving
28 Days
  • Designed for those wanting to Master areas of their individualized plan
  • Designed to achieve confidence in carrying out aftercare plans
  • Designed for those with co-occurring mental health issues
  • Designed for those wanting several family/partner visits
  • Designed for those requiring a longer program for legal issues

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How to determine which gambling addiction treatment facility is best for you or your loved one?

You have decided that you or your loved one is in need of gambling addiction treatment. Now what? How do you find out about treatment facilities? What level of care is needed? How do you know if a gambling rehab center is a right fit? How do you know if you are getting what you pay for? Here are a few tips for making the best decision for treatment.

What level of care is needed?

Identifying the appropriate level of care is the first step when looking for a gambling addiction treatment facility. Speak to your doctor or mental health provider to determine the appropriate level of care. Levels of care for treatment facilities include residential or partial hospitalization. Knowing the appropriate level of care will determine what treatment facility is appropriate for you or your loved one to overcome a gambling addiction.

How do you find out about treatment facilities?

A list of treatment facilities by zip code and service can be found at Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ( SAMHSA, Be sure to check out the facility webpage and also make phone calls regarding costs, accepted health insurances and treatment focus areas. With proper research, you should be able to find a gambling rehab center that fits your budget and needs in order to address the addiction.

How do you know if a treatment facility is a right fit?

Not all gambling addiction treatment centers are created equal. So, how do you know which gambling rehab center to choose if you or a loved one has a gambling problem? The individual needs of a person is the first thing to consider when choosing a treatment facility. For example, choose a facility that can address specific addiction (gambling, substance use) and mental health needs. Check out what therapies are offered, such as evidence based-practices (Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Dialectal Behavioral Therapies, Expressive Therapies, and Trauma Therapies). In addition, addiction treatment should include work with peer counselors (counselors who are in recovery) and provide follow up care, such as referrals for additional treatments and support in identifying recovery needs. Another way to determine if a facility can meet your needs is to check out the staff credentials and ensure that the facility has appropriate licensing. In addition to treatment needs and therapies, also consider the individual attention that is given to each patient. A low staff to patient ratio and a focus on individual sessions will ensure that you or your loved one will receive one on one attention.

How do you know if you are getting what you pay for?

Addiction and mental health treatment is expensive, making affordability a consideration when planning for treatment and for your future. It is important to consider the value of treatment when determining the cost. Are you paying for treatment or for the location and amenities? We offer the look and feel of home with the safety and security of an inpatient/residential treatment facility. Patients are surrounded by 400 acres of beautiful farmland with modern amenities and an in house chef. In addition to the beautiful surroundings and amenities, Williamsville also focuses on meeting individual needs through intensive individual and group sessions. At Williamsville, we have a 1:1 therapist patient ratio and offer 15+ individual sessions per week. The focus on individual sessions ensure that each patient is receiving individual attention, encouragement and support for processing and exploring root issues to addiction and mental health concerns. We address issues of addiction and mental health through a variety of evidence-based therapies and have on site peer counselors that support patients through the steps of AA/NA/GA. We are in-network with most major insurers which enables you to have intensive therapy in an excellent environment at the lowest possible cost.

Gambling Addiction Treatment

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Treatment for Gambling Addiction

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Addiction is a life and death situation. We want to help the most people possible. Working together, we will find treatment and payment options that will work with your circumstances.


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