Gambling Treatment Modalities

Trauma Therapist
The therapist helps residents develop and understanding of the root cause of their gambling abuse. The synergy of our therapy team helps staff and clients understand the problem/problems in the shortest possible time so that they start to be addressed.

Peer Support
A peer counselor, who has walked the steps of the gambler and found recovery, offers hope and insight. Recognizing that recovery is possible is further encouragement to get on this path.

Hypnotherapy is used to help with abstinence, both short and long term. It helps to reduce barriers so that individuals can explore conflicts which may have been suppressed for many years and may directly contribute to the addiction.

Family Therapy
Gambling Addiction impacts the entire family. We will help your loved ones understand the cycle of addiction, show them how they can help you while you recover, and create an ongoing action plan for healing.

Coping Therapy
Coping Therapy employs techniques which guide clients to bypass their limited, addictive thinking patterns and access positive internal resources. Clients are empowered to make healthy new choices which facilitate success.

Relationship Therapy
Relationship Therapy cultivates the client’s awareness of his or her patterns in intimate relationships, with an emphasis on the dynamics that fuel the addiction process. With or without the presence of a partner in therapy, clients begin the process of transforming their interpersonal dynamics to support their emotional wellbeing, a fundamental part of recovery.

An addictionologist who offers individual treatment ensures the proper pharmacotherapy.

Healing the entire body with weight management, proper exercise, yoga and meditation establishes a healthy foundation for your recovery.



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