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We are the nation’s leader in compulsive gambling treatment. Staff at Williamsville Wellness use their wide range of knowledge and experience in compulsive gambling and mental health (including some in recovery themselves) to help patients achieve recovery from gambling addiction. The treatment team works synergistically to help patients reach their treatment goals, and every day during a working lunch they communicate treatment needs for each patient.

From the moment you first sit down with a therapist, long past your last day of residential treatment at Williamsville, our world-class staff of treatment professionals will support you on your journey of recovery. The treatment team at Williamsville Wellness is comprised of licensed or certified professionals to treat the whole person. Williamsville maintains a large staff, especially relative to the small number of patients that are treated within our facility at a time. Our low staff to patient ratio allows us to provide the kind of one-on-one attention for the most effective recovery assistance. Our ancillary staff demonstrates the recovery mission of Williamsville Wellness in their interaction with patients and their families.

The treatment team at Williamsville is comprised of licensed or certified professionals to treat the whole person including physicians, consulting psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction specialists (gambling, alcohol, and other drugs), counselors, social workers, art therapists registered nurses, personal trainers, life coaches, massage therapists, resident managers, and chefs. Our ancillary staff demonstrates the recovery mission of Williamsville in their interaction with clients and their families. We have a 1 to 1 ratio of therapists to patients, unheard of in the treatment field.

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Lyndon J. Aguiar, Ph.D., LCP, Clinical Director

Lyndon J. Aguiar, Ph.D., LCP Addiction Treatment Staff

Clinical Director

Dr. Lyndon Aguiar comes to Williamsville Wellness with over 20 years experience in the fields of counseling and psychotherapy, clinical assessment, teaching / training, research, public health administration and management, leadership, and policy development. He is a licensed clinical psychologist. He held a professional faculty position at University Counseling Services at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) prior to his appointment at Williamsville Wellness. At VCU, he served as outreach coordinator and he led and participated in several university-wide organizations and committees, including the Faculty Senate, Provost’s task force, Division of Student Affairs committees, and others. During his eight years at VCU, Dr. Aguiar provided individual, group, and couples therapy. He supervised the clinical work of pre-doctoral interns and advanced graduate students in counseling. He also taught seminars and workshops on depression management, anxiety management, culture shock and adjustment, multicultural counseling, gender issues, ADHD treatment, and clinical assessment. He earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from New York University (an APA-accredited program), where he also taught courses in counseling skills, research, and practice. Dr. Aguiar completed his pre-doctoral internship at the University of Miami Counseling Center (an APA-accredited program). He also holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from Florida International University and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Miami. He has presented at national conferences on the topic of mental health outreach and he has presented his research at APA national conventions. Dr. Aguiar has also published a number of articles in peer-reviewed journals and other media. He uses an integrative approach to therapy (schema therapy) that is client centered and interpersonal in nature. Dr. Aguiar’s clinical interests and skills are in the areas of depression, anxiety, ADHD, trauma, addiction, personality, and multicultural counseling.

David Guion, Ph.D.: Psychologist


Before coming to Williamsville Wellness, David earned his Ph.D. and Master’s in Counseling Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU; an APA-accredited program) and a Master’s in Counseling from Asbury Theological Seminary. David completed his pre-doctoral internship at University Counseling Services at VCU (an APA-accredited program) where he completed concentrations in working with substance abuse, trauma, and international students. He also trained in community mental health and correctional settings. His professional interests include: anxiety and depression, group therapy, men’s and gender issues, attachment and close relationships, and grief. David’s approach to therapy tends to be interpersonal while drawing on mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral concepts.

Robert W Cabaniss, Jr.: Founder


As a person who was lucky enough to find recovery for his own addictions, Williamsville Wellness founder and executive director Robert W. Cabaniss Jr. has dedicated his business acumen, resources, experience and energy to bring together the best elements of treatment found under one roof.

With a clinical psychiatrist noted for his expertise in addiction treatment, Cabaniss developed an Advanced Synergized Treatment method that combines five different therapeutic modalities, supported by a highly trained staff of psychologists, counselors and social workers. No other treatment center in the U.S. offers this program.

A graduate of the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce, Cabaniss began a career in real estate before becoming involved in the wholesale beverage industry. Cabaniss went on to expand his business, opening microbreweries in Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and St. Martin, FWI.

Battling both addictions for over three years led to the closing and sale of the businesses in 2005. Having conquered his alcohol addiction in 2002, he realized in 2006 that he needed treatment to stop his gambling addiction.

In 2007, Cabaniss opened Williamsville Wellness in his family’s historic home outside Richmond, Va. Since that time, people seeking to break the bonds of addiction have found Williamsville Wellness to be a fulfilling, whole health experience, treating both mind and body.

“I am pleased and humbled to be able to provide a place like Williamsville Wellness,” said Cabaniss. “It’s a special place where individuals will find the best treatment to begin to recover from their addiction.”

Cabaniss is passionate about helping individuals overcome the darkness addiction brings to themselves, their loved ones and their friends.

Lisa Judd: Intake Coordinator

Lisa Judde Addiction Treatment Staff

Intake Coordinator

Lisa has been with Williamsville Wellness since 2010. She brings a diverse background of experience, including: Medical Office & Health Information Management, Multi-Unit Management and Financial Practicality. She attended the University of Alaska, Anchorage and is a graduate of Alaska Computer Institute, Medical Office Specialist. She is always available to assist patients and their families with questions about the programs that are offered at Williamsville, insurance inquiry’s and discussion of financial options to facilitate admission to Williamsville.

You can contact her directly at 804-559-9612 or 804-559-9959 x100

Stephen R. Adams, Ph.D., LPC, CRC: IOP Director

Dr. Stephen R. Adams brings over 17 years of experience treating substance abuse to Williamsville Wellness. He utilizes a holistic and comprehensive approach to substance abuse treatment and counseling, recognizing the importance of identifying and processing all contributing factors in the complex relationship between substance abuse and mental health. When applicable, past trauma, unhealthy coping mechanisms, anxiety, depression, and anger are addressed; and Dr. Adams works to assist clients in lowering resistance to changing deeply ingrained addictive and otherwise negative thought patterns and behaviors.

Dr. Adams is the Intensive Outpatient Program Director at Williamsville Wellness. Originally from southwest Georgia, Dr. Adams is a licensed professional counselor and a certified rehabilitation counselor with many years of experience in substance abuse and mental health counseling. After receiving his master’s degree in Rehabilitation, Stephen worked at as a substance abuse and mental health counselor for several years in Laramie, Wyoming. While there, Stephen received the highest possible reviews for his work in the evaluation and treatment of wide range of psychopathology involving substance dependence; and his clinical, evaluation, diagnostic, and treatment planning skills were ranked as superior by supervising psychiatrists.
Stephen taught several graduate-level counseling courses and functioned as a graduate teaching assistant in multiple classes while in his Ph.D.  program in Rehabilitation at Auburn University. His research interests and his dissertation focused on co-occurring substance dependence, mental health conditions, and personality traits. After receiving his Ph.D. from Auburn, Dr. Adams worked for several years in Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina providing substance abuse and behavioral health treatment, conducting substance abuse and mental health assessments, providing individual and group counseling, conducting family violence counseling and domestic abuse counseling, and working with clients with substance dependence and mental health issues in an Employee Assistance Program. Dr. Adams also served as an IOP Director prior to moving to Richmond and joining Williamsville Wellness.

James Hovermale, M.S.: Therapist

Jimmy Hovermale is serving Williamsville Wellness as a licensed eligible therapist with a focus on Family Systems therapy. Jimmy has a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University where he completed a yearlong internship at the VCU Center for Psychological Services and Development providing individual counseling services to members of the Richmond community. He has assisted with research at Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center working with veterans suffering from liver disease, as well as research in the Rehabilitation Counseling Department at VCU examining potential associations between social gaming patterns, substance use, and gambling. Jimmy focuses on the individual within the family context by incorporating elements of Family Systems and Interpersonal Process approaches, along with Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Chenise DeLoach, MA, PhD Candidate: Therapist

Chenise is a license-eligible counselor with a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from South University-Richmond in Glen Allen, Virginia; this is a program that was approved by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP), and she is currently pursuing her doctoral degree. Her areas of competence are in individual and relationship counseling, sex-offender therapy, and addiction counseling. She is trained in providing counseling with individuals, couples, families, and in groups with adults and adolescents. She employs an integrative and strength-based approach to counseling with a strong reliance on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) utilizing individual, couples and group counseling, psychoeducation and homework assignments.

Amy Dettre, M.S.: Therapist

MS Resident In Counseling
Amy Dettre is originally from Wales, UK, and brings a Positive Psychology approach to treating addictive behaviors at Williamsville Wellness. She has a Master’s Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Rehabilitation Counseling, and favors utilizing interactive techniques such as motivational interviewing and psychodrama. She has attended continuing education courses on these topics taught by Onsite Training.
Prior to her initial internship at Williamsville in 2015, she facilitated Psychiatric Admissions for the VCU Health System based on medical criteria for three years, and actively attends various conferences on counseling and HIPAA security. Amy teaches and encourages a full life-style approach to wellness, and personally enjoys traveling, yoga, kayaking, musical theater, swimming, and meditation. This personal experience is a good, healthy lifestyle example.

Richard Edelman, LCSW: Anger Management

Anger Management
Richard was the program director for all child and adolescent services at Charter Westbrook Hospital until 1994. Currently he is the program manager of Emergency Mental Health Services for Henrico County. Richard also manages the mental health and outreach services to Police and Fire Department of Henrico County. Richard has maintained a small private practice for 22 years in the Richmond Area seeing adults and children. Richard’s specialization is working with trauma, emergency mental health, and men’s issues

Billy Hoffman, CSACA, ICGC-1, CPC: Peer Counselor

Addiction Treatment Staff

Peer Counselor

A native of Virginia, William “Billy” Hoffman spent many years battling his own addictions to drugs, alcohol, and compulsive gambling.

After discovering the solutions to his addictive behavior he made the decision to dedicate his life to helping others find the answers they need to develop a healthy and productive life WITHOUT ADDICTION.

Billy joined Williamsville Wellness in 2007. He helps the clients uncover what motivates, drives, and enhances their quality of life.

Hoffman holds a CSAC-A (Certified Substance Abuse Counselor / Type A) with the Virginia Board of Counseling. In addition, Billy is a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Addictions Coach, and is an International Compulsive Gambling Counselor.

David Rogers, M.A., LPC: Therapist

Therapist, Williamsville Wellness

LPC: Therapist

Professional Counselor

David is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 17 years of experience in counseling at both inpatient and outpatient settings. David has served in past positions of Clinical Director, Assistant Clinical Director, Family therapist and Primary therapist at Remuda Ranch Treatment Center for 15 years, a nationally recognized inpatient treatment center and leader in the treatment of Eating and Anxiety disorders.

David specializes in Eating and Anxiety disorders, individual, marriage and family systems therapy, trauma recovery, addictions, depression and adjustment disorders. He has worked with over 500 clients and their families, ages 8 and above and has supervised both doctoral and masters’ level therapists. He has taught counseling professionals at numerous conferences across the U.S and into Canada, and trained students at graduate schools in Massachusetts
and Arizona.

David earned his Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Gordon Conwell Theological seminary and his Bachelor’s degree in Communication from the University of Southern Maine.

Kenny Jones: Peer Counselor

Addiction Recovery Staff

Kenny Jones has over 20 years of experience in substance abuse, mentoring and case management with young adults who come from challenging backgrounds and environments. Kenny has used his own experience as a recovering addict and a product of social service system to relate and identify with patients and teach them associated skills to over-come and/or live with disorders, addiction and social issues. Kenny also uses his creative side with painting and music as a therapeutic resource to reach and connect with patients to help maintain a value that is without parallel. Kenny is a skilled presenter and he is intimately aware of the characteristics of addiction. He is a peer counselor at Williamsville Wellness and is completing his training as a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC).

Terea Adams, M.A.: Therapist

… Coming Soon …

Andrea Shipley, M.A.: Mindfulness Coach

Addiction Treatment Staff

Andrea Shipley, M.A. is currently serving Williamsville Wellness as the Mindfulness Based Life Coach. She received her Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, California, where she also completed a year-long clinical residency. Before coming to Williamsville, she worked as a Wilderness Therapy field guide at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Her love of nature stands out as she frequently holds coaching sessions outdoors, making use of the beautiful grounds at Williamsville. She is passionate when it comes to helping people increase their self-awareness and teaching healthy coping skills using mindfulness practices. Her work prepares people to find more peace in their present experience and cultivate more satisfaction as they move through difficult times. Her education in Psychology makes her a strong and knowledgeable advocate for the psychological work done by the Williamsville therapists.

Todd Stonnell, M.A.: Art Therapist

Addiction Treatment Staff

Art Therapist

Todd is the art therapist at Williamsville Wellness. He received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Longwood University and his Master’s degree in Art Therapy from The George Washington University. Todd comes to Williamsville Wellness with a wealth of experience practicing art therapy with various populations, including adults living with HIV, adolescents suffering from emotional & behavioral disturbances, children on the Autism spectrum, as well as children undergoing treatment for cancer in India. He practices a client-centered and existential approach to therapy, and he also has training in trauma treatment. As an artist, Todd is interested in several modalities, such as painting, drawing/illustration, bookmaking, stained glass, and found object art.

Summer Lauricella: Chef

Addiction Treatment Staff

Summer has 20 years of experience in restaurants, working in a wide  variety of of kitchens. She equates cooking with love, and loves what she does. Summer comes from a long line of food pushers and stove slavers. Summer has worked in many establishments that were filled with addictions and instability; this led her to dislike her chosen profession and to lose faith in herself. Working at Williamsville has changed this for her- she feels that there is hope and a future in feeding people.