Depression and Williamsville Addiction Treatment Center

Depression and Williamsville Addiction Treatment Center.

Approximately 20 million suffer from depression in the United States at any given time.  Depression is not a weakness.  It is an illness and can be triggered by stressful events in your life.  Similar to someone who is an addict or alcoholic you just can’t stop being depressed.  As with addiction, depression will require treatment and therapy. It is also important to point out that people often suffer from both addiction and depression.

Depression is a medical condition.  It affects people in profound ways.  As mentioned earlier it can be triggered by life’s challenges.  These could be either positive or negative things going on in a person’s life.  For example, the birth of a baby or a promotion at work might be positive events.  Yet either can also be stressful.  On the other hand, financial worries, the loss of a loved one or pet can bring about depression.  Also, it is important to note that just like addiction; a person might be generically more prone to depression.  This does not mean they will automatically be addicted or depressed.  It just means that some environmental conditions could more easily trigger those who might be genetically prone to being depressed.

Depression and Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers,therapy
Depression and Williamsville Addiction Treatment Center. All too often addicts also experience depression.

People who are experiencing problems should be aware of the symptoms of depression.  Some depressive symptoms include when a person is having difficulty concentrating, focusing or sleeping.  Other symptoms could be a lack of energy or under performance at work.  For those with an addiction depression can wreak havoc in a person’s life. Depression can be the result of an addiction or feed into addiction.  This is why it is so necessary to seek professional help when it comes to treating depression.

A lot of times addiction is used as a coping strategy to manage depression.  For instance, people may gamble to avoid feelings of loneliness, helplessness, isolation, or loss of connection with friends or family.  Moreover, people who are compulsive gamblers will disrupt the dopamine levels in their brains thus causing them to feel depressed.

Depression and Williamsville Addiction Treatment Center.

Therapy is an essential way to help people with depression.  It is a non judgmental setting that is the key to breaking the cycle of depression. It helps you see symptoms, understand it and stop the negative self talk that often accompanies depression. Therapy will help you be mindful of situations and prepare you to avoid falling back into depression or addiction.  Other ways a person can battle depression are through writing, art and music.  But one of the most important things for a person to realize about depression and addiction is that they are not weaknesses. So, like with any other medical condition people should get help and start feeling good again!