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Gambler Therapy: Is Relapse Really a Failure?

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Gambler Therapy:  Is Relapse Really a Failure? When people relapse they often feel like they are failures.  Twelve step programs stress the importance of being totally abstinent from Gambling.  So a relapse in the twelve step community means


Compulsive Gamblers Stories: Addiction to Recovery

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Compulsive Gamblers Stories:  Addiction to Recovery This former patient describes how he got hooked on gambling.  At the age of nine his family would routinely go to greyhound racing. They would sit and order a nice meal just like they were at


Gambling Help-It’s Easy to Deny a Problem

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Gambling Help-Seeking treatment led this former patient to realize he was on the wrong path to happiness.  About nine years ago he quit gambling for 12 days.  How could I be an addict if I can quit for that long, he thought.  But since then he


Treatment for Gambling Addiction: Kindness

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Treatment for Gambling Addiction:  Treatment with Kindness Seeking treatment is a big step for anyone with a gambling problem. Getting compassionate help can make a world of difference for someone in recovery.  One former patient discussed her


Gambling Addiction Program: The Guilt of an Addiction

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Gambling Addiction Program:  The Guilt of an Addiction The guilt that goes along with addiction can be overwhelming.  The guilt started out in high school for this former addict.  He was a standout athlete who never felt good about his


How to Overcome Gambling Problem: Benefits of Treatment

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How to Overcome Gambling Problem:  Benefits of Treatment After years of use and abuse this former patient felt very unhealthy mentally and physically.  But getting help was the key to feeling better.  While in active addiction she experienced


How to Deal with a Gambling Addict: Tips

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How to Deal with a Gambling Addict:   Let's talk about some helpful tips of what to do and not to do.  The first key idea is to educate yourself about the warning signs that you may be experiencing with your loved one.  Does your loved one talk


How to Cure a Gambling Addiction

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A recent news story depicts how devastating a gambling addiction can be.    The following depicts one addicts experience:  He woke up in the hotel of the casino.  As he leaned over he spots several ATM receipts on the nearby coffee table.  He


How to Overcome a Gambling Addiction

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How to overcome a gambling addiction:  Living a gamble free life after being in a 30 day treatment facility can be a challenge.  The following story depicts a former patient's day and how to really work a 12 step program.  It chronicles a fairly


Signs of a Gambling Addiction: What to Look for!

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Too often  people will hear about someone who has entered treatment for a gambling addiction.  Most people would say they had no idea.   There were no signs of a gambling addiction.  But if we look close at it there were certainly signs along


How to Deal with a Gambling Addiction: Compassion

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How to Deal with a Gambling Addiction:  Compassion might be a good start but a tough one.  Gambling away savings and retirement can be a hard pill to swallow.  Maybe more difficult is the lying that goes along with addiction.  Furthermore, is


Slot Addiction: A Story of Hope

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After seeking treatment for her slot addiction this former patient has a story of hope.  As with many people the consequences of addiction take a toll on the human spirit.  A recent article shows how far one will go to fuel an addiction. One


Betting Addiction: Things to Avoid

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Betting Addiction:  Things to Avoid Recently in a group discussion patients were asking what to avoid when quitting gambling.  Sometimes the answers are pretty obvious. But there are some areas where the answers might not be so clear. If you


Help with Gambling Problem: What is GA?

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Help with Gambling Problem:  It is often recommend that a person with such a problem attend Gamblers Anonymous (GA) meetings to help maintain a gamble free life.  So, what is GA?    How do you know if you are a gambling addict?  Who attends


Gambling Addiction: Crossing the Line

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Gambling Addiction:  Crossing the line and becoming a compulsive gambler can happen to anybody.  Going to a casino seemed like a fun time for this former patient.  The first time was very uneventful as he managed to play the slots very


How to Quit Gambling for Good

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How to Quit Gambling for Good:   This former patient learned one of the most important tools to utilize.  How often does someone go into treatment and shortly after leaving they are gambling again?  This is unfortunately a common experience for


I am a Gambling Addict: Help me Avoid Jail

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"I am a Gambling Addict" are tough words to say for anyone.  But you could avoid jail for the last time if you can admit you have a problem with gambling.  Admitting this and seeking treatment can help you.  One former patient served a lot of


How to Comfort a Gambling Addict: Mindfulness

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How to Comfort a Gambling Addict... Mindfulness is when a person tries to focus on the present moment and can be used as a tool to reduce stress. [caption id="attachment_1885" align="alignnone" width="525"] How to Comfort a Gambling Addict and


Gambling Addiction Support: Sponsorship

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Attending twelve step meetings after an in-patient treatment stint is one of the keys to relapse prevention.  It is highly suggested that once leaving treatment the gambling addict should continue with some sort of gambling addiction support.


Compulsive Gambling Treatment Centers: How to Prevent the the next Big Gambling Loss

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Compulsive Gambling Treatment Centers Breaking the trigger-thought-craving-use- process and how to deal with a gambling addiction.    First one must understand that there is a common process that leads up to a gambling relapse.  It starts


Quitting Gambling and Getting Effective Sleep

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If you are in recovery, sleep deprivation is the most common universal warning sign of relapse. A lack of sleep leads to bad decisions for individuals.   Moreover, those with any impulse control issues find their normal problems magnified.  This


Ohio Legal Gambling made $9.7B from 2012-2015

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In a recent article, a reporter looked at the "losses" from gamblers in Ohio over a four year period. He characterized the profits from the Ohio gambling sources a little oddly - the $9.7B is really the money made by the industry. This is still


How to Avoid Gambling by Appreciating & Finding Beauty in Your Surroundings

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by Amy Dettre One of my hobbies is Photography. Photography is a good way to become more mindful of your surroundings and can be done almost anywhere. I have been focusing on nature the last few months and specifically what is around me in the


New Generation Of Youth Gamblers On The Rise

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You won't find the new generation of compulsive gamblers in casinos or race tracks.  You have to be over eighteen or to enter those places... These new gamblers are young adults and teens gambling away their savings and


CORE Conference Exhibit

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Williamsville Wellness is at the 4th Annual Clinical Overview of the Recovery Experience (CORE), presented by C4 Recovery Solutions, a 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to promoting the design, provision, and monitoring of outcomes-based addiction


Get Movin’!

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by Kristin Fisher The journey of life leads each of us (enviably ) through mountain paths as well as dark valleys. In my twenties, It seemed that the valley paths had gotten exceptionally low and I was in a tailspin. I was desperately trying to


Virtual Gambling

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In recent years, online gambling has become a bigger and bigger issue. The majority of the attention is focused on giants (such as fantasy sports betting), but there are more problems than just this one instance. Online unregulated gambling


Problem Gamblers and A Recent Patient’s Inspiration

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At Williamsville Wellness the clinical team has a tradition after we have treated problem gamblers. On the final day of a resident’s treatment we conduct a farewell ‘ceremony’ in which all peers and staff share their final thoughts with the


Setting up a Fitbit for IOS

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Setting up a Fitbit for IOS Residents of our program use Fitbit Charge HRs!  Fitbits are an excellent tool to help motivate you towards a healthier life, and fitness, as well as adopting healthy habits which plays a huge part in overcoming


Wall Street Gambling Problems

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Andrew Caspersen will likely plead guilty to losing $150 million, in a series of investments that have more in common with gambling than investing. The actual crime he is being charged with is fraud. Caspersen has told U.S. District Judge Jed