Four Hundred Acres of Serenity

 offers the problem gambler a tranquil space to reflect on the damage created by addiction. It provides a safe space for honest self-examination. This environment, coupled with our holistic approach to treatment and life, encourages and supports change.

Our caboose and trolley car, which we use for therapy offices, are visual reminders of how anything can be transformed. A plantation home that has been upgraded with modern comforts life also shows that change is possible by keeping what works and letting go of the rest. You will probably have your own room; there are only two double rooms for our maximum of 16 gamblers (on two separate properties).

A relaxed and casual atmosphere lends itself to our residents forming personal connections that often last beyond treatment.

Williamsville pays for just about all everyday expenses. We do not pay for tobacco products, but there is a smoking area under the gazebo directly behind the house. There is also a fire pit in this garden setting and the space becomes a gathering place after hours or between sessions.

If you are tired of gambling ruining your life, or if you’re observing signs of gambling addiction in someone you love, call  at 877-559-9959. We are the place to take the steps toward treatment and recovery.


House caboose

Path Gazebo

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