Our Gambling Addiction Treatment Program

Is a loved one ruining their life with a gambling addiction? Our one-on-one proven techniques can instantly make the difference – call now for an anonymous consultation with a gambling specialist.

  • Individualized Recovery Planning
  • 40 individual sessions
  • 30 Group sessions
  • 1 on 1 Therapy
  • Family Therapy

Problem Assessment and Future Planning

40 individual sessions
30 Group sessions
1-2 days Family/Partner sessions

• Problem Severity Assessment
• Gambling History
• Gambling Triggers
• Mental Health Screening
• Psychological Testing
• Accurate Diagnosis Mental Health Issues
• Individualized Recovery Planning
Addiction Education
• Brain, body effects
• Codependency
• Smart Recovery
Addiction Counseling
• Addiction Assignments
• Individual Peer Counseling
• Group sessions
Psychological Therapies
• Life review, stressors
• Communication, coping style
• Anger Management
• Motivation to Change, Readiness to Change
• Individual CBT, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness
• Family/Partner Sessions
Physical Health
• Medications
• Massage
• Exercise and Yoga
• Juicing/Blending and Nutrition
Financial Issues
• Legal problems
• Budgeting
• Credit Issues
Planning for Aftercare
• Written Focal Evaluation
• Written Aftercare Plan


Learning and Practicing
Extends our 14-day Program with learning and practicing based on all areas of the individualized recovery and treatment plan

Adds additional
20 individual sessions
15 Group sessions

• Allows for the continuation of our 14-day Program by working on addiction issues in more depth to gain insight and ensure success
• Designed for more severe issues requiring more time
• Designed to resolve assessed areas by further psychological testing
• Designed for medical management issues
• Intended for co-occurring mental health issues
• Designed to put aftercare plan in place prior to leaving


Mastery and Confidence in Aftercare Actions
Extends our 21-day program into mastery of all aspects of one’s addiction ensuring confidence in taking action on aftercare plans

Adds additional
20 individual sessions
15 Group sessions

• Designed for those wanting to Master areas of their individualized plan
• Designed to achieve confidence in carrying out aftercare plans
• Designed for those with co-occurring mental health issues
• Designed for those wanting several family/partner visits
• Designed for those requiring a longer program for legal issues
• Written forensic reports for judges, lawyers & probation officers