Hi to All, I am doing fine. I’m helping my mom after having to move my dad into an assisted living home.

She is moving into a smaller place to start a life of living alone for the first time. Getting support from the whole family, but I am here doing the hands on stuff. I will be starting school soon. I am going to a community college to become a phlebotomist. That’s the person who runs around the hospital drawing blood. I hopefully will be out of school and working by the end of the year. My recovery is doing fine. I have struggled from time to time as we all do. I really don’t drink at all anymore. I really miss playing poker…a lot at times. I know my life is better off without gambling. I find a meeting or review my relapse prevention. The times I have slipped in the past since being out of WW have been stupid. I am always super sorry, don’t feel good. Never lose large amounts of money…(we all know it’s not about money) .

Guess it’s like quitting smoking just keep trying. I do feel more in control of my addiction and my life more than ever recently. Recovery really is a process… with no shortcuts. Everyone has to go through theirs. Please tell Bob, Catherine, Bonnie, Joel, Sandy, Robert and everyone I am OK. Without WW I would not be alive today. They helped me with so much more than my addiction. My mom has started going to group therapy at my request. It has helped her deal with this life stage and things she had stuffed inside over the years.

Thanks for keeping in touch, Love to all, Paul